About Us

In 2005, something very special started...
A team of 127 family members and friends raised an
incredible $25,000!
Not only did we succeed on the fundraising front, we also broke the
National Record for having the Largest Team in the country AND we had a blast doing it!


Then, in 2006 we issued a challenge to "Blow That Previous Record Outta the Water and Make MS History!"  And we did!  Our team swelled to an astonishing 233 team mates and collectively we raised $58,635.41, which made us officially...

The Largest and the Highest Fundraising Team in all of Canada for 2006!




2007 was equally amazing!  The members may have been light but the pledges were not!  Ninety-six fabulous Team Mates raised a whopping $46,150!!  OMGosh!!!  (The average pledge per Walker was $491!)  And we've retained our title as The Highest Fundraising Team... in Canada!  We even beat out the big Corporate teams! 



2008 was ROCKIN'!!  A swack of new Munnkys joined us and 85 of us raised over $55,000!  Whoo-weeee!  That's sweeeeeeet!

Should we be proud?  YES - you bet! 

All of the money we've raised goes towards

Ensuring a Future Free of Multiple Sclerosis and helping to Enhance the Quality of Life for MS Sufferers... Now!

Thank you for everything Team MK.




2009 was bitter sweet.  Although our participant numbers were down... we, on average, raised the MOST pledges per Munnky... ever! 

46 of us raised $36,646 which works out to $797 per Munnky!  




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