Munnky Hugs 2005



Thank you Mario - MDM Foundation - for donating the awesome t-shirts.

Not only did they make our Team HIGHLY visible,

they also created genuine team spirit!

Well done!


~ And~

Thank you Kelty and Murray for

designing, creating and bringing our mascot "Harold" to life!



~ And~

Thank you Joyce Lawrie and staff at The Olive Garden

for hosting the first ever

"Munnky Kruncher Pledge Collection Night" on May 17h, 2005.

The atmosphere, the food, the kindness - it was perfect!


~ And~


Thank you Chad and the lounge staff at Moxie's for our

Munnky Kruncher Wrap-Up Party on July 11th/05.

Great snackies, beverages and hospitality!


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