Munnky Hugs 2006

Thank you Mario - MDM Foundation -

for outfitting our team once again this year

with even more of those highly sought-after

lime green t-shirts!

Everybody wants one!


~ And~


Thank you Trevor Webb and Outback Steakhouse

for being unbelievably generous

by donating a Steak Dinner to each and every Munnky!!

Major Yum!!!


~ And~


Thank you Joyce Lawrie and staff at

The Olive Garden

once again for hosting our

"Munnky Kruncher Pledge Collection Night 2006"

with a complete lasagne supper for everyone!!

That night was over da top Girlfriend!!!


~ And~



Thank you...

to Gurmit, Isabelle and the staff at

Millhurst Pizza, for their generous support in collecting and donating

$580.00!!  Whoo Hooo!!!!

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