Munnky's At The Mall
Millwoods Town Center, March 22, 2008
What a blast!!!
9:00 am - pretty early set-up gettin' our stuff ready for the day
Crazy-Dean, Banana-head-Alanah and me Sweet Sammy!  A VERY dedicated Munnky!!
the A.M. Crew see... wadda I tell you? Crazy and Bananahead!
Pat - the semi-sane one (no - just kiddin!) Work it Trev!
good thing you ducked! what a poser!
good thing they are married! da gals!
making candy bags! ...making MORE candy bags!!
awwww.... da gang
making the sale! who can say no to the little ones?
slack time "hey guys - come here and get some candy!"
Holly makes a great pop rest ... or chin-rest!
wanna candy or a banana? nah nah nah boo boo
working the crowd manning the table
riding in style to your stations please
wheeeeeee!! what a little lover
Pat's making a connection Tanys is taking a little break
still wheeling! I was tired, okay?
young love... this one's for you Mario!
gotta say... LOVE this picture! Huh??
Bail looking forward to the end of the day Marisol looking grrreat
what a perfect little munnky! Pat is the best - I love this woman!
got something on your lip or just being sexy Alanah? Connie-sweetie!
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