Edmonton WALK - May 28th,2006
And what a fantastic day it was!!
Rise & Shine for the Munnky Busses! The very first bus out!
Couldn't have done it without you B & B! Thank you!! "Heeeyyyy Munnkys!!"
Photographers in the clouds. Our team pic started out like this...
then looked like this... And, voila, here we are!
The Blais family hitching a ride. Suzie, Chance, Iain and Josh.
Dat's a lot of people!! (2300 of 'em.) Awww... that's my Yvonne!
My Dad, me, Harold and Kate. You look good Ryan!
Wave to the Vastenhouts & Stacey! Horseshoe of luck?
Anyone seen Karen? My Southwood Gang!
Good lookin' Munnkys! Smile pretty gals!
Lineup for the bouncy thing. The Goof Troop... and Val
More silly's and Stooph Resting already?
Terri's ready to go! Hi'ya!
A-ha!  Caught you Byron! Hi  Mom &  Harvey!
Here's my buddy Joe! A gaggle (?) of Munnkys.
 My sis  Marg! And my Dad Doug!
My sweetie Mary and "'Red" from Red Robin Is that a Storm Trooper?  AND Darth Vader???
LOVE the smiles Pat & Ann!! Hey Jane - soooo glad you came!!!
My good bud's - Gloria, Twila, Leanne, Tamara and Val The warm up girls
Bailey, Sabastian Tristan and Logan warming up! Mark, Tracy, Marc and Liam warming up too.
This is what I call "Green Power"! (still warming up) Our MC - Josh Klossen
"...five, four, three, two, one..." "GO!!"
We dominated the Start Line! Yeah! Dat's a lot of bodies!
Would ya look at the line up for the bathroom?! Pat raised a whopping $1442!!   Proud Harvey & Holly!
Sexy Munnkys! The Goof Troop... and Val... again.
Hi Rob, Maureen and Caron! Stylin' Jane!
Love the waves. Leanne, Bailey and "Get me a stretcher" Joann.
"Aahhhhhh" says Tash. Tania lookin' great in her outfit!
Terri, Morgan and Andrea not even breaking a sweat. GREAT people - Paul & Yvonne!
Salute! Keep truckin' Anne!  You're amazing!
Faster ladies, Faster! Slow and steady wins the race.
The camera's over here guys. Even non-Munnky's wave for the camera!
Red jackets are HOT, Joe! Can anyone ride?
"Holy Gaggle of Green, Batman!!"  Yay!! Pretty congested path, eh Miriam?
Cindy, Mel and Pat - Our stylin' Munnkys! Look UP Trev!
How'd the picture of me turn out Stew? It's the Tracy Gang! (and baby Jonas sleeping - awww)
Twila, Val and Mark striding along! High ten right back at'cha Dale and Cheryl!
Uhhh... Ann, Nelson and Joe... don't turn around... Awaiting reinforcements?
Russ - with camera - raised $1005! Way to go bud!! Heather and her little Munnkys - ain't they cute?
My Buds - Amber and Paul Lovin' the head gear ladies (and Harv)!
Okay Darlene!  Now we KNOW who the party girls are!! What great enthusiasm Vastenhout's!
Stop for a pretty pic with Mom, Brittany. My buddy Karen and just two of her crew.
Hey Rosa, kids ride for free! Awesome to see you Craig!!
Put down the damn phone Tam! Renata - pushing stroller, raised $1185!! Awesome!!!
I can hardly get my hand around Daniels muscled arm! The Finish Line!!  Yay!! Well done girls!!
My new friends... Dad's new friends?
It's a Small Munnky Round-up! Thank you Angela and Badlands for coming out for us!
Hi Andrew!  What a great guy! Yo!  Jody!  How's it going babe?
Lunch is served (note the sunshine)! THE Woman of the Day - my friend, Kathleen!
Amber, June, Chris and Paul lunchin' Busy place cuz every one worked up an appetite.
My unbelievably, wonderful family... love you. Got a cool plaque!
More munchin' Munnkys. Cool Jumpy-thing!
Great day Claire and Kate! I'm soooo proud of you ladies! (Hi Meesha!)
Our littlest Munnky - Jonas & Mom, Monique. Yeah, ducking won't get you out of the picture Chance.
Iain (raised $1000 AGAIN this year), Marielle and Paula. The Chilean Crew!
"Ta" Thanks for the amazing busses Pat!!!!

Team Pic

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