Edmonton WALK - May 25th,2008
We ROCKED da'house!!!
Yea Harold!! Wheels on the Munnky Bus go round and round!
Registration table - chaos! Under Control now!
Group Photo!! Bigger Group Photo!
Captain Pat & Jr. Captain Sammy! Kodi, Leanne, Chris & Donna
New - Randy & Andi! New - Margaret & Roger!
New - Marcia & Gabrielle! New Family - Shawna, Juliet & Mari!
New - Clay & Phyllis! New - Kodi! (MMMClub Winner!)
New - Sandra! New - Kelsey!
New - Diane! New - Randy!
New - Dean!  New - Peter, Connie & Shelley!
New - Kathleen! New Family - Stephanie, Clay, Phyllis & Brandon
Pat & Melanie! Ingrid & Terra!
Chris, Donna and Pat's backs Munnkying around!
Nail, Stooph, Marisol, Pablo & Priscila! Linda, Karen & Vicki!
Rachel, Andrew, Karen, Michael & Vicki! Lesley! (supplier of arm bananas!)
I'd love to know what's so funny? Sassy Couple of Munnkys - Donna & Chris
Awwww Wyle Veterans - Anita, Priscila, Bev & kayla!
Vogue! Iain lookin' sharp!
Annual Chris & Mel shot! This one better?
Pucker up for Amber! Amber & Paul (Munnky Movie Makers!)
Chris, Marg, Tanys, Donna Kelsey & Bailey! Trevon & Connie!
New Family - Stephanie, Clay, Phyllis & Brandon! Yes, I definitely see the resemblance!@
Sammy, Donna & Marg - Let's get the WALK going!! Look what Tanys wrote....
Start Line Beautiful day for a WALK!
Veteran Renata & New Desiree! MS lives here... BUT NOT FOR LONG!
Michael raring to go! Warren truckin' along!
Marg & Karen (and Tanys' shoe) Leanne & Kodi
Lusia Shelley & Peter
Randy & Andi Mari, Melanie, Juliet & Pat
Juliet Mari
Paul & Amber Brandon, Phyllis, Clay & Stephanie
2 WALKers and Terra & Ingrid Pablo, Priscila & Kayla in stroller?
Hi Chantelle! Sassy Alanah!
Dean & Chris Randy
Iain pondering... hummmm... Connie & Trevon
Marcia & Gabrielle Ingrid & Terra (photographer!)
Ingrid with banana Terra with banana
My buddy Bob in the orange shirt @ Finish Line!!! Made it!
Chow Time!! Cuddle up Randy!
Ryan Drury awarding the MK's plaque & trophy Pat with plaque and Sammy with trophy.
Kool! Be proud Team!!
Aaron Goodwin's band - they are AWESOME!! All done and ready to go home.... till next year!!

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