Traveling Munnkys - Europe

Our Europe-traveling couple, and my friends, Arun & Bharti Patel.

They traveled all over Europe including Paris, Geneva, Genova (Italy), Lucern, Zurich, Rome, Milan, Pisa, Venice, the Vatican City and Titlas Mountain in Switzerland... and they brought a bit of the Team Spirit with them wherever they went!

   If you were wondering what that sphere thing is the answer. It was built for the 1958 Expo in Brussels, Belgium. More details? follow this link:
  Hope you find it interesting.

In Paris - on the Eifel Tower!  What a fantastic view!
Back down to earth under one of the most famous structures in the world.
The Patel's are in London!  I wonder what the guard is thinking? Probably, "Who the heck are the Munnky Krunchers? And where can I get me one of those funky t-shirts??"
In London - Check out the waterfall!
In Pisa!  *Hint: note the "Leaning Tower" in the background?
I'm guessing Titlas Mountain in Switzerland?
Swiss snow!!
Looks breathtaking!
Ahhh - in the most romantic place on earth - on a gondola in Venice.
Thank you Arun and Bharti for sharing these wonderful pictures with us and for proudly schlepping your MK shirts with you!  You two are amazing!  (Although we did miss your smiling faces at the WALKs this year!)

Note from the Patel's:  These T-shirts are now on sale at $50.00 each... donations to go to MS society.  Arun and Bharti.

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