Traveling Munnkys - Nova Scotia

Two very special veteran Munnky's,  Anita and Kayla Hanneman, couldn't be in Edmonton on WALK day this year but they still wanted to be a part of the effort!  So  Anita organized the first ever "Nova Scotia Munnky Kruncher WALK"!
Anita and friends held bake sales to raise awareness and moola!
Looks like you have lots of customers Anita!  Great success!!
Matt (Anita's hubby) and Co-Munnky's get set up bright and early on their WALK day!  Thanks to their local Tim Horton's for donating TimBits!
Baby Kayla was adorable, as usual!
Fabulous "Welcome" posters, TimBits, sunshine and green tee's... the perfect combination for the inaugural N.S. MK MS WALK!

Yay!!!  The team is arriving!

A MUST-HAVE portion of any good WALK - the warm-ups!  (Anita - you thought of everything!!)

And stretch... and stretch...  Feel the burn....

Matt is a Map-o-Guy (he makes maps) so he did this one up especially for their NS WALKers!  Pretty snazzy - eh?     PS -Note the note?
And they're off!  These people are making MK history!

Looks a bit lonely?  Maybe next year will be double?!  Or triple?!

Enjoying a deserved rest post-WALK.

Lookin' good in green!
The Nova Scotia Munnky Kruncher Team!!!!!
To Anita, Matt and the whole team - Thank You for going so far in making this event happen!  You all ROCK!!!!

Love you Anita!!

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