Tips and Secrets
  Fundraising Tips They DON'T Tell You...

ALWAYS carry your pledge sheet with you - you never know who you'll run into.

Put the BIG sponsors at the top of your pledge form - $25 and up.  If you have a good feeling that a certain person (your boss, your favourite over-the-fence neighbour, the family you ALWAYS buy chocolate bars from)  will sponsor you BIG - make sure they are at the top of your pledge form.  The next person you ask for a donation will see the generosity and try to match it or come close.

ASK at work - "Does our company have a matching program?"  You'd be surprised at how many companies do!  Pat Semrok (Cool-Captain) just asked her boss - and the answer was YES!  They will match what she raises (up to a maximum.)

Not so good at approaching people??  Then check out these creative ideas!

One family had bananas at their Church and asked for a minimum donation of $1.00 each (the secret was to get the bananas donated.  I can help you with that!)

Ask your playschool/school/work/neighbours to donate their recyclable bottles from now till the WALK - just make sure you pick them up regularly.  People want to clean out their garages - it's a gold mine! We have families who have done just this and they have raised well over their minimum requirement!

Book a BBQ with Sobeys or M&M's - now's the time to get your name in.  It's not hard work, they supply EVERYTHING and the product sells itself!

There's TONS of ideas the MS Society can help you with! 

All you need is to contact one of them and they'll go gang-busters from there!!!


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